Dino Blues – Dino Doll’s House Video for kids

Here is a new dinosaur music video I think you and your kids will enjoy. It’s for the song ‘Dino Blues’ off the album ‘Dinosaur Songs’. It is set in a doll’s house. One morning the owner wakes up to find that a long-necked brachiosaurus is in the house. The dinosaur makes himself at home… and he’s hungry.

Here is the new music video from ‘Dinosaur Songs’: Dino Blues – Dino Doll’s House Video.

Lundby Doll’s Houses

Here are some fun facts about the making of the video.

The doll’s house and the furniture used in ‘Dino Blues’ is from Lundby which is a Swedish company. The Lundby doll’s houses have been around since the 1940:s and I actually had a doll’s house similar to the one used in the video when I was a kid. I loved playing with it, but I often let my Masters of the Universe dolls invade the house. There were struggles between Skeletor and He-Man where they turned turned everything upside down it the perfect looking home. Perhaps that’s where I got the idea for this dino video.

The doll’s house model used in the video is called “Småland”, which is the name of the province where I live. The success story of Lundby is very much like my own story with ‘Dinosaur Songs’. The founders of Lundby made a doll’s house for their niece. The house got popular among friends of the family and they decided to make some more houses and perhaps turn doll’s house making into a business. That’s what happens when you let kids inspire you. 🙂

Check out the Lundby website if you want to learn more. http://lundby.com/en/

More dinosaur videos coming

In 2014 I was on tour with my Dinosaur Live show and I didn’t have much time over for making videos. This years there are not so many live shows for kids so I plan to focus more on producing fun youtube videos for children.

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