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The King’s Dinosaur Pet – a Velociraptor?

Kungens nya husdjur Velociraptor på

Kungafamiljen på Nobelfest med sin velociraptor

The King of Sweden Carl Gustavosaurus Rex is said to have a new pet – a real DINOSAUR!. Actually, he’s so fond of it he brings it with him everywhere. Some weeks back people watched in horror as he brought his new pet dinosaur to the The Nobel Prize Award Ceremony in Stockhom City Hall. It’s hard to tell from this photo, but doesn’t it look like a velociraptor? Nobody knows where he got it, if it’s actually a real dinosaur or why he likes dinosaurs so much. Perhaps he enjpys listening to Daddy Donut and got inspired to get a pet dinosaur when he heard ‘Dino Blues’. After all, he’s got a great, big castle to mess up. His youngest daughter, Princess Madelaine doesn’t look at all pleased with the King’s decision to bring the family pet to the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony. She likes horses and a velociraptor it probably very difficult to ride.

Facts about Velociraptors

Velociraptors lived about 80-75 million years ago in Mongolia. Velociraptors were a group of relatively small carnivorous dinosaurs. They were sleek, fast and agile predators that could keep their balance while hunting at high speed thanks to their long stiff tails. Velociraptors had roles in Steven Spielberg’s movie Jurassic Park from1993 (based on the book Prehistoric Park by Michael Crichton). However, the dinosaurs in the movie called ‘Raptors’ are not relatives of the Velociraptors, but its American relative, Deinonychus. (Wikipedia)

Read more about velociraptors on Wikipedia

NOTE! This article about the king’s dinosaur pet may not be entirely true. I’m just telling you what I heard. 🙂 

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The Smallest Dinosaur – a Teeny-Weeny “Tinysaur”

I’ve recorded the third for the dinosaur album. It’s not about one of the big sauropods and it’s not a about a T-rex this time either. This song is about the smallest dinosaurs there ever was – a  Tinysaur named Paul. Some say the tinysaurs never existed because they have not yet found any tinysaur bones of fossils, but I bet they existed. They were about the size of a spore and they were impossible to see. However, they made a peculiar sound so the only way you could tell there were tinysaurs around was by a gentle buzzing in the air – sort of like a mix of a mosquito and a bumblebee. The tiny dinosaur – or “tinysaur” – in this song is a lonely little fellow. He seems to have lost all his tinysaur buddies and now he is wondering if there is anyone else like him out there. Poor little guy.

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Tyrranosaurus Rex – Breaking Everybody’s Necks

Right now I’m working on a song called “Tyrannosaurus Rex”. There is already a song called “Running from a T-rex” and this new song will explain why any sane person would run like crazy whenever they see a Tyrannosaurus coming. “Tyrranosaurus Rex” is a rock song with a a lot of attitude. I tried recording some of the vocals today but I immidiately got hoarse and had to stop. It’s hard on your vocal cords when you try singing like a T-rex. Anyway, I’ll let you know how things are going.

“I’m Tyrranosaurus Rex – breaking everbody’s necks!”

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