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The Smallest Dinosaur – a Teeny-Weeny “Tinysaur”

I’ve recorded the third for the dinosaur album. It’s not about one of the big sauropods and it’s not a about a T-rex this time either. This song is about the smallest dinosaurs there ever was – a ¬†Tinysaur named Paul. Some say the tinysaurs never existed because they have not yet found any tinysaur bones of fossils, but I bet they existed. They were about the size of a spore and they were impossible to see. However, they made a peculiar sound so the only way you could tell there were tinysaurs around was by a gentle buzzing in the air – sort of like a mix of a mosquito and a bumblebee. The tiny dinosaur – or “tinysaur” – in this song is a lonely little fellow. He seems to have lost all his tinysaur buddies and now he is wondering if there is anyone else like him out there. Poor little guy.

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Tyrranosaurus Rex – Breaking Everybody’s Necks

Right now I’m working on a song called “Tyrannosaurus Rex”. There is already a song called “Running from a T-rex” and this new song will explain why any sane person would run like crazy whenever they see a Tyrannosaurus coming. “Tyrranosaurus Rex”¬†is a rock song with a a lot of attitude. I tried recording some of the vocals today but I immidiately got hoarse and had to stop. It’s hard on your vocal cords when you try singing like a T-rex. Anyway, I’ll let you know how things are going.

“I’m Tyrranosaurus Rex – breaking everbody’s necks!”

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Dinosaur Songs – a very, very old album for kids and their parentosaurs

Hello everyone!

This is my first blog post. I’m Daddy Donut from Sweden and I make music about things I love. Right now I am deeply in love with dinosaurs. So I’m recording an album full of songs about some of the greatest creatures that ever walked the earth: Brachiosaurus, Brontosaurus (I know it’s an old name but I still like it), Pterodactyl (yes I know, technically not a dinosaur) and of course the terrifying T-rex (Tyrannosaurus Rex). I’ve also written about some lesser known dino species like the selfish “Egosaurus” and the itsy bitsy “Tinysaur”. I really hope kids all over the world are going to like the album when it’s finished. A lot of love and effort has gone into this muscial project.

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