Daddy Donut – Swedish Entertainer for Kids Worldwide

Daddy Donut is independent artist Carl-Otto Johansson from Sweden. He likes music, he likes kids and he likes dinosaurs. So he’s made an album of “Dinosaur Songs” for kids. He also enjoys making videos and telling stories. Daddy Donut has a Swedish equivalent called Pappa Kapsyl. Carl-Otto also makes music for grown-ups in his solo project Orphan Songs.
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Daddy Donut and his Brachiosaurus

Music for grown-ups

Besides writing Dinosaur Songs I also produce soft, acoustic singer-songwriter pop for parents. I call this solo projects ‘Orphan Songs’. 


Orphan Songs debut album is free

The Orphan Songs debut album is free to download. Click the album cover to get it. The album is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA.

Orphan Songs (2008)


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