Swedish Scientists: Swimming ‘Dinosaurs’ Had Black Skin

Swedish Scientists: Swimming ‘Dinosaurs’ Had Black Skin

Black skin swimmind dinosaurs

A group of Swedish scientist have found out which color dinosaurs actually had. In a new study, Johan Lindgren of Sweden’s Lund University (where Daddy Donut once studied!) and colleagues tried to investigate what color the ancient sea creatures had. They were interested in the colors of extinct marine giants like ichthyosaurs, the mosasaur Tylosaurus, and an extinct leatherback turtle.

“The most sensational aspect of the study is that it can now be established that the analyzed ancient marine reptiles were, at least partially, dark-colored in life,” Lindgren said.

I’m not sure if it’s THAT sensational. My qualified guess would be that the mosasaurs (marine reptiles during the age of the dinosaurs) were dark-colored. But now we know, and that’s a good thing. Read more about the true color of dinosaurs in these articles:

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Swedish Scientists: Swimming ‘Dinosaurs’ Had Black Skin


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