Toy Dinosaurs Arrive… but isn’t Dinovember over?

Isn’t Dinovember over?

Today we found a huge cardboard box outside the door. The kids took it inside and opened it. It turns out someone left all their toy dinosaurs in our custody. The note attached read something about the dinosaurs being too unruly for the previous owner who was planning on getting a hamster instead. And here I was thinking Dinovember was over. Could it be these Swedish dinosaurs have their own month of mischief?

The dinosaurs arrive in their cardboard box with a note attached.

The note attached read: “We know you love dinosaurs in your family. Could you please take care of these for us? They are always up to mischief and we can’t take it anymore. We are getting a hamster instead. Good luck! 

PS. Don’t forget to close the box at night. DS.”

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