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Order Dinosaur Songs on CD!

Dinosaur Songs on CD!

Finally! ‘Dinosaur Songs’ (possibly the best kid’s album ever) is available on CD from CD Baby. Worldwide distribution.¬†Order your copy of ‘Dinosaur Songs’ now!

Choosing CD Baby as the distributor was fairly easy. So many artists before me seems to have great sucess with them. However, it took me a while to print the CD’s and get everything in order for the release. Today I am pleased to announced that today you can order your physical copy of Dinosaur Songs directly from CD Baby. Get it so you can listen to ‘Running from a T-rex’ and ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’ in your car. Enjoy!

Get your copy of Dinosaur Songs here!
Listen to the kids shout: Finally! Dinosaur Songs on CD!

Dinosaur Songs - songs about dinosaurs for kids




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Interview in Swedish newspaper

Here is an interview I did for a Swedish newspaper about my kids music, my videos and my shows about dinosaurs for kids. Sorry if it doesn’t make any sense. But I’m working on a video series called ‘Swedish for Beginners’. ūüôā

Daddy Donut Paper interview in Swedish

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Get Dinosaur Songs for free

Right now I’m giving away music for free. Want a copy?¬†All you need to do is to subscribe to the newsletter.¬†Enter your email adress in the newsletter subscription box on the right sidebar. After a day or so I will send you a unique code to download the entire album for free. There are no hidden fees and I will not spam your inbox in the future. You can unsubscribe at any time.


 NOTE: The free music campaign is over.

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Running from a T-rex available on iTunes

Running from a T-rex available on iTunes

The video for the dinosaur song “Running from a T-rex” has been a great success on Youtube with over ¬†million views to date. I’ve had requests from viewers asking where they could buy the video so that they could download it and have it available for their kids offline. I recently found out it was possible to distribute music videos via iTunes and so last week I sent it in. So now you can get “Running from a T-rex” from iTunes with a higher resolution and without the product placement at the end.

Here is where to get it:

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Tyrannosaurus Rex – Music Video for Kids

I made a new music video for the song “Tyrannosaurus Rex” taken from the album Dinosaur Songs.¬†It was shot during a beautiful summer’s day at the Donut family farm where Grandpa Donut lives. There are lots of animals on the farm which the Tinty T-rex seems to appreciate. Sheep, cows, cats. He’s also very interested in Grandpa’s feet. Mmmmmm… feet! At one point the Tiny T. rex takes the tractor and goes on a sheep hunt. Well, I hope you like it. I used a new video editing software for this video and I learned a lot. It’s fun making videos. It really adds another dimension to the music. The video is available on Youtube. Enjoy kids!

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Dinosaur Album finished!

At last! I have finished recording, mixing and mastering “Dinosaur Songs”. I’m so happy. I’m uploading the files right now to my distributor. Normally, it takes a few days for the songs to get processed before they are released on online music stores like Itunes or music streaming services like Spotify. I’m really excited to finally let you hear the result.

I’m sorry I had to postpone the release for so long. I know some of you have been waiting eagerly for the album to come out. All I can say is: it was worth it. I took that extra time to make sure I felt really really good about each song. I hope you will enjoy listening to my dinosaur songs as much as I enjoyed writing and recording them. I really had a good time. At times, I was just busting up laughing in the studio while recording vocals and trying out different voices and wordings. I love music. And dinosaurs!

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The Smallest Dinosaur – a Teeny-Weeny “Tinysaur”

I’ve recorded the third for the dinosaur album. It’s not about one of the big sauropods and it’s not a about a T-rex this time either. This song is about the smallest dinosaurs there ever was – a ¬†Tinysaur named Paul. Some say the tinysaurs never existed because they have not yet found any tinysaur bones of fossils, but I bet they existed. They were about the size of a spore and they were impossible to see. However, they made a peculiar sound so the only way you could tell there were tinysaurs around was by a gentle buzzing in the air – sort of like a mix of a mosquito and a bumblebee. The tiny dinosaur – or “tinysaur” – in this song is a lonely little fellow. He seems to have lost all his tinysaur buddies and now he is wondering if there is anyone else like him out there. Poor little guy.

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Dinosaur Songs – a very, very old album for kids and their parentosaurs

Hello everyone!

This is my first blog post. I’m Daddy Donut from Sweden and I make music about things I love. Right now I am deeply in love with dinosaurs. So I’m recording an album full of songs about some of the greatest creatures that ever walked the earth: Brachiosaurus, Brontosaurus (I know it’s an old name but I still like it), Pterodactyl (yes I know, technically not a dinosaur) and of course the terrifying T-rex (Tyrannosaurus Rex). I’ve also written about some lesser known dino species like the selfish “Egosaurus” and the itsy bitsy “Tinysaur”. I really hope kids all over the world are going to like the album when it’s finished. A lot of love and effort has gone into this muscial project.

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